New features in release 2009

Below new features and important changes in ANALITHIC II release 2009 are described.

  1. Distribution map: in the legend the reference count is available.
  2. Distribution map: fully automatic color legend for artefacts and refits.
  3. There is an extra form with properties of the excavation; global properies of the excavation can be entered and a  field for remarks has been added.
  4. Many details of the selection module have been improved.
  5. The datagrids have extra menu items to go to the first and the last record. Click right to display the menu. 
  6. An new analysis has been added: Quality analsyis. With this option you can test the quality of your data; when taking data from a publication it is not always clear whether the data come from the sieve or are registered individually. The quality analysis is a tool to determine this. The analysis collects all the data in a single square meter and displays the results in a density map in e.g. units of 10x10cm.

    Pincevent: quality analysis of all artefacts. The picture indicates that the data are randomly distributed over the square meters.


    Gönnersdorf 2a: quality analysis of tools: here a strong tendency towards the centers of the quarter square meters is observed (25x25, 25x75, etc.). Data taken from M. Sensburg 2008: Die räumliche Organisation der Konzentration IIa von Gönnersdorf.

  7.  Some 20 other improvements to the program have been implemented for data entry, selections and drawing.