Other modules and options in the ANALITHIC program

- analyizing the composition of any selection, resulting in a pie graph.

- analyzing the size of artefacts

- analyzing the quality of the artefact data by creating a density map of all artefacts in a square meter

- counting

- frequency analysis: a meta-analysis of many analyses, counting the frequensies in cells, bars, et cetera.

- generated text, based on selection, spatial selection, analysis and settings. 

- saved zooms: you can define your own zoom areas and give them a name.

- there is a separate import program to convert data from some general database formats to the ANALITHIC-format (only for artefacts).

- For demonstration purposes we have supplied the program with data form Pincevent T112 (Leroi-Gourhan & Brézillon, 1972). The Pincevent file contains flint artefact data and refit data. The data have been taken from the publication.


Leroi-Gourhan & Brézillon, 1972. Fouilles de Pincevent. Essai d’analyse ethnographique d’un habitat Magdalénien (la section 36). (= VIIe Suppl. Gallia Préhistoire). Paris.